The universe of HGOTGS is developed within a transmedia project, in order to develop different stories and characters that can (or not) have links with each other, allowing to enrich this universe common to the different projects while touching different audiences. Thus, the other projects will be at the same time different from the video game, but also have similarities with it. We will tell you about the other projects as soon as possible.

We have this desire to touch on these various media for different reasons:

– Willingness to develop this rich universe and to distill information about it through various media, in order to be able to dig a little more aspects that one could only scratch with a single video game.

– Wish to reach various audiences. All video game players do not necessarily like to play board games, or read visual novels, and vice versa. This makes it possible to address audiences that may have very different interests, but with a common interest in the universe that we propose.

– Develop a larger community than if we were “only” making a video game.

We would like to give you an idea of when the projects will be finished, but we can not yet. We will carry them to completion, but we do not want to give priority to productivity at the expense of the quality of these productions.

There is behind HGOTGS a competent and motivated team who is involved in the development of this transmedia universe:

To date, we have 6 people on the team: 1 UE4 Programmer / Multimedia Developer (Jean-Baptiste Hervé), 1 Concept Artist / 2D Graphic Artist (Baptiste Fregier), 1 Environment Artist (Kai Li), 1 multi-purpose 3D Artist (Benoît Habert) , 1 Sound Designer / Music Composer (Franck Goupil), and our Producer-Author-Game Designer-Level Designer – “Communicating”, etc. in the person of Franck Boyer.

Motivation is at the heart of our productions, one of the factors to boost this motivation is to have a community that grows and interacts with us. So, you can help us by simply joining and taking part in our community on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

We hope to see you soon in our community on social networks and / or IRL. 🙂

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